Online Data Backup

Why you need online backup?

If you lose your data you could lose your business.If your critical business data becomes unrecoverable your business could fail. Data backup to tape or disc is fraught with potential problems. How many companies keep data backups off site? Online backup is designed to overcome the most common data backup issues. The availability of broadband access means that online data backup is now a realistic, and an affordable alternative to traditional backup methods.

Most online backup systems rely on 3 basic elements:-

  • software
  • an Internet connection
  • a secure off site data center.

The first stage is to install the backup software, sometimes called the backup agent. This software will be supplied by your chosen provider. This online backup software is installed on the server,PC or laptop to be backed up.The online backup software is used to select the data to be backed up,schedule the backup and encrypt and compress the data prior to transmission. The backup software also provides a method to view and restore the data.
Internet connection
The Internet connection is used as the method of transferring the data to the secure, off site, data center. This connection could be dial up,ISDN or broadband. In most cases a standard broadband connection will be sufficient.
The online backup data center is the building which houses the servers and other hardware used to store your data.

Here at TDR Networks we operate our own custom built software call thinkBackp!  We have created a mini site to get you home and business users started alike with a trial and to answer the various questions you may have about the software and the solution as a whole.

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