TDR Mailguard

Anti-spam protection with MailGuard from only £60pa


Network resilency - We provide mail services (MX) on a fault resilient multi homed network which means if you will never lose an email in the unlikely event of an outage

MX backup - For customers that have Microsoft Exchange, MailEnable or MDaemon we provide an SMTP hold and push service which can automatically queue mail should you suffer connectivity lose or your server is unavailable for whatever reason. 

Spam and phising scanning with auto-discarding and user-configurable thresholds

User lists block mail to non-existent addresses

Sender whitelisting and blacklisting with pattern matching

DNSBL filtering and discarding

Spam assisted training

Quarantine Release Area

Advanced Statistcis on Mail


Zero-Impact, immediate deployment

Increase User productivity - eliminate wasted time deleting SPAM

Reduced liability from emails that violate your corporate policies

Save bandwidth by keeping SPAM off your network

No User configuration required

No additional hardware or software required

Our advanced mail platform by default comes with basic anti-virus and anti-spam protection and is free with every domain purchase.  This basic level of protection will filter approximately 60-70% of the world's spam through basic techniques such as publically viewable spam block lists.  We offer no guarantees with this system but it is popular with our clients.

Anti-Spam Statistics - On the rise

What is MailGuard?

Our MailGuard services utilises multiple layers of technology to achieve a great than 99% successful SPAM detection rate. MailGuard is a fully-managed service, we are able to reduce your network load and overhead by preprocessing and filtering your inbound email before it reaches your location. Never lose an important business email again because it was mistaken for SPAM. Users no longer have to wade through hundreds of SPAM messages just to find information they really need. Not only does MailGuard protect your productivity against SPAM but real-time Anti-Virus filters scan all email for malicious programs and phishing fraudsters. Virus signatures are updated in real-time from multiple vendors so you are assured to have up-to-the-second protection from virus threats.

Mailguard includes:

Yes - Included Zero-hour Anti-spam Updates: Protects your users during the critical first hours of a new outbreak.
Yes - Included Real-time Spam Outbreak Monitoring: Identification and protection from Spam via real-time detection centre.
Yes - Included Future Proof Technology: Cannot be circumvented by malware senders or image spam/pdf.
Yes - Included Near Perfect accuracy: Improves spam identification accuracy of well tuned systems to near 100%.
Yes - Included Anti-Spam Accuracy Insurance: Ensures that Spam identification accuracy never falls below acceptable user levels even if improperly configured.

TDR Mailguard

How does Mailguard Work?

In order for a domain to receive email, it must have an MX (Mail eXchanger) record.  To use MailGuard we redirect the MX record to our servers.  From there we scan ALL email for phising/spam/viruses, take the appropriate action before sending down the santised mail to your local mail server.  If we are 100% satisfied your mail is a virus or spam then we completely disgard without further user interaction.  If we can't be sure either way, the spam is tagged or left alone based on user thresholds or whitelists and blackilists with the final decision being left with the user.

Because we have mulitple servers in multiple locations, should your broadband go down, we will always be able to ensure you don't miss an important email that could mean the difference between winning business and loosing it.

Can I trial MailGuard?

Yes - absolutely.

Do I have to install any specialised software?

NO - all spam and virus detection is done before it reaches your onsite mailserver saving you precious bandwidth and keeps your server load to a minimum.

Free Protection
Annual Fee
- £60 pa per domain****
Setup Fee
Free Free
N/A 14 days available
Email Accounts
Available on all registered domains *** Unlimited on domain*
Additional Domains
- + £45pa for up to 5 domains**
Detection Rate
70% 99%
Virus Scanning
Yes - Included Yes - Included
Border Control
Yes - Included Yes - Included
- Yes - Included
Sender Protocol Framework
Yes - Included Yes - Included
Yes - Included Yes - Included
Yes - Included Yes - Included
File attachment scanning
Yes - Included (viruses only) Yes - Included
Yes - Included (no bypass option) Yes - Included
Quarantine Zones
- Yes - Included
3 day archive of mail
- Yes - Included
Email Queuing
Yes - Included Yes - Included
Unlimited Mailguard per customer*****
N/A £120 pa
Daily  Allownace Increase (1000)
N/A + £30
Daily  Allownace Increase (2000)
N/A + £60
Email Queue Notifications
+£5pa Yes - Included
SMS Queue Notifications
+£20pa +£20

Industry News

Symantec just released a highly in-depth report about the state of the antispam/antivirus industry.  Here is a summary:

  • Shaoxing, China was malware capital of the world last month.
  • According to the company’s research, nearly 30 percent of all malicious attacks came from China
  • The most common file types attached to all malicious emails were .XLS and .DOC.
  • The most dangerous file type was encrypted .RAR files.
  • .XLS and .DOC each accounted for 15.4 percent of file attachments.
  • The top four most common file types (.XLS, .DOC, .ZIP and .PDF) accounted for 50 percent of attached files.
  • Despite being just 0.32 percent of attached files, .RAR files were compromised 96.8 percent of the time.
  • .EXE files were compromised just 15 percent of the time.
  • At 95.7 percent, Hungary was the most spammed country in March 2010.
  • At 1 in 90.9 emails, Taiwan was the most targeted country for email-borne malware in March.
  • At 1 in 254.8 e-mails, Britain was the most active country for phishing attacks in March.





* Fair usage policy applies

** All domains must point to the same IP address for mail delivery.

*** POP3 customers (automatically applied).  Backup MX customers must check contact support to set-up Mail Transports for up to 10 pushes.

**** Average daily email volume must not exceed 500 emails per day.  Additional support costs apply.

***** Unlimited Mailguard includes all upgrades and unlimited phone technical support