Free or Not too Free Services?

Everyone should know in life nothing is for free!  Free Google Email, free Google Gdrive - so what is the real cost?  Simple!  Data mining.  In thanks Google will sift through your data (you signed their agreement and gave them permission afterall!) and target more precise advertising to you.  Email a tent maker and you'll have tent adverts appearing on your search as Google knows you are looking.  It's not all bad but isn't it just 1 step a little too close to the big brother we all saw in 1984?

Is it time to re-think cloud computing?

The Patriot Act and the EU Cloud posted by samzenpus on Wednesday June 29, @22:14 (Privacy)

ISoldat53 writes "Gordon Frazer, managing director of Microsoft UK said
that the Patriot Act allows [0]government access to data in its cloud
services even in Europe. Though he said that 'customers would be informed
wherever possible,' he could not provide a guarantee that they would be
informed if a gagging order, injunction or U.S. National Security Letter
permits it."

With Sony, Nintendo and the US Government joining the long list of comprimisied systems should we be confident about the data we instill onto the cloud?

Soundcloud -

Has soundcloud killed the bootleg forever or just made them more easily accessible?