Databases Specialists

Supported Platforms

Oracle 11g  MySQL Server 4, MySQL Server 5  PostgreSQL 7/8 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / Microsoft SQL Server 2008

We support Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS X environments where appropriate.

Database Specialists

We have technical expertise in supporting a range of enterprise and open source databases including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.  We can provide assistance with database maintenance, database monitoring, database backup, database replication, database clustering, database training, reporting services, database performance and programming on a variety of platforms and communicating in a variety of languages (PHP/Python/Perl/

When you call for support, you will get individual attention, not a random voice in a call center. And, all our technical team members have extensive real-world onsite and remote database administration experience.

Support – Remote DBA (Database Administrator) A cost effective solution in a time of budget constraints and cutbacks. Whie many companies have to make cost reduction they are looking at ways of maintain reliability, flexibiliy without comprisiming on technical expertise.  We can provide Remote DBAs on a daily contractual basis or as an ongoing support contract to help meet your company needs.

The know-how to get things right — the first time.Whatever your database services needs or challenges, our team of Professionals have almost certainly resolved very similar issues before. Our approach to providing remote database support and remote database administration services is fully proactive, dedicated to identifying and correcting problems before they impact your business.

Why not contact support today and find out what we can do to help your business succeed?