Network resilency - We provide mail services (MX) on a fault resilient multi homed network which means if you will never lose an email in the unlikely event of an outage

Automatic email - Most hosts provide email forwarding, but we go one step further and give you 5 POP3 accounts that you can use with your favourite email client on your computer

Anti-spam - All domains are supplied with a basic spam surface that will eliminate 80% of the junk most providers allow to filter down to their clients

Anti-virus - We automatically scan all your email before you collect to ensure what you open is safe and won't harm your computer or leak personal information on to the Internet

Out of Office - If you're not available to answer an email straight away, let your client base know to expect a reply later on in the day or advise them to talk to another work colleague 

Webmail - Check your email 24x7x365 no matter where you are in the world from any web browser.  Our webmail has fully featured calendars, to-do lists, notes as well as giving you access to your email

MX backup - For customers that have Microsoft Exchange, MailEnable or MDaemon we provide an SMTP hold and push service which can automatically queue mail should you suffer connectivity lose or your server is unavailable for whatever reason. You can choose from 10 POP3 Mailboxes for resillency or Mail Push to your primary MX.

* Mailguard fair usage policy applies

Our advanced mail platform is tailored made and built from the ground up to offer our clients the most advanced experience available when talking about email.

We offer as standard 10 POP3 boxes and 10 aliases with every domain we sell but should you need SMTP resilency to an offsite server, advanced anti-spam, email advice, imap functionality or outbound marketing grade smtp services we can help

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Backup MX
Annual Fee
£20pa £24pa from £15pa  from £45 pa per domain*
Email Accounts
5 1 - Unlimited on domain*
Size of Mailbox
100Mb 500Mb - -
Quota Upgrades
+£10pa for 100MB+ £10pa for 1GB - -
Yes - Included Yes - Included - -
Mail Queuing
- - Yes - Included Yes - Included
Quee Alerts
- - +£5pa Yes - Included
Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included
Track Email
Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included
Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included
Advanced Mail routing
Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included Yes - Included